St. Emile


Combining this creed with the prevailing zeitgeist is the essence of every collection. Modernity, design and quality are paramount – with no compromises.


A collection that convinces on every level. We invest our hearts and souls to ensure that, season for season, we once again merit the title of “fashion label”. Thanks to the highest quality workmanship and the use of the finest materials, we turn trend pieces into favourite items of clothing.


Innovative and ambitious, we create sophisticated cuts with perfect fit, accentuating the personality of our customer without disguising her.


Working closing with the most illustrious trading partners in Germany and abroad, with ST.EMILE flagship stores in major German cities and on the luxury island of Sylt, we also present ourselves as an international company with a unique identity that we skilfully transport into the future, season for season.

Our motto “Woman pure” remains as true now as it always has been.

DesignersAutumn Foland