Fairchild Baldwin

Fairchild Baldwin seeks to inspire passion—for beauty, for design, for the delight of discovering the unexpected. Made from the finest Italian materials and designed with the utmost modern sensibility, Fairchild Baldwin's necklaces are innately chic. Timeless shapes and clean lines, combined with our signature handcrafted leather collars with magnetics closures create the brand’s polished look. Each style encapsulates the essence of the Fairchild Baldwin collection: approachable luxury.


Jill has spent her life in fashion. Daughter of publishing legend and W magazine founder John Fairchild, Jill grew up with fashion all around her. She began to build her reputation by launching a comprehensive series of global shopping guides called Where to Wear covering 14 cities worldwide. She also has consulted for top fashion brands as an expert in design and merchandising and is universally known for both her individual style and her aesthetic. Today she is the founder and creator of Fairchild Baldwin, an accessory brand based in New York City  that was awinner of The Emerging Designers Award from the industry's major organization, the Accessory Council. Jill Fairchild is passionate about design and inspired by all that surrounds her, from art, food and architecture to color palettes of her everyday surroundings. Fairchild Baldwin's jewelry collections are designed to take a woman from day to evening and from classic chic to boho,  minimal to contemporary cool. Color plays an important role in the designs, while the shape and construction of each style  boasts the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.  "Our women are collectors who are confident in their own style," Fairchild says. "They love our collections because they are designed to whisper, not scream." 

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